Cuba reaffirms standing by Syria against terrorism

Havana, SANA – Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba Anna Teressa stressed her country’s support to Syria in its war against terrorism.

Meeting the Syrian Ambassador to Cuba,  Idris Mayya, Teressa reaffirmed Cuba’s rejection of any foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs, calling to respect the Syrian people’s right to determine their future away from foreign dictates.

She said that all await the day when the Syrian army declares full elimination of terrorist organizations and mercenaries being sent to fight in Syria, expressing hope that this date would be so close.

For his part, the Syrian Ambassador briefed the Cuban Deputy Minister on the situation on the ground and the Syrian army’s great achievements and victories over terrorism, the last of which is breaking the ISIS siege of Deir Ezzor.

He noted that the Syrian government will continue efforts to achieve more progress in terms of national reconciliations which have effective role in restoring security and stability and facilitating the return of displaced families to their homes and areas.



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