Premier-designate: Syrian women face uphill tasks of confronting subversive intellectual invasion

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister-designate Wael al-Halqi hailed the role which the General Union of Syrian Women has played in deepening awareness among women and developing their capabilities in various areas.

During a meeting with members of the Union’s Executive Office on Wednesday, al-Halqi highlighted the Union’s effective contribution to a variety of social and economic development projects targeting urban and rural areas.

“The Syrian woman has asserted her presence through her persistence to gain knowledge and ascend to high-ranking positions,” said al-Halqi.

He added that the Syrian women face uphill tasks at the current stage, which are mainly represented in resisting and confronting the subversive intellectual and cultural invasion targeting the Syrian society and warding off the threat posed to the new generations by the takfiri wahhabi mentality in light of the ongoing terrorist war raging in the country.

For her part, the Union’s chairperson Majida Qteit expressed keenness to be up to the level of those tasks, in addition to putting all possible efforts to contribute to bolstering national unity and further empowering women.

Haifa Said

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