Army Air Force kills scores of the ISIS terrorists, destroys their positions and equipment in different areas across the country

Provinces-SANA – The Syrian Air Force carried out sorties targeting ISIS gatherings and positions in a number of villages in the countryside of Salamiyeh, 30 km east of Hama city.

A military source told SANA that the Syrian Air Force destroyed ISIS centers, fortifications, and machinegun-equipped vehicles in Salba, Jorouh, Qulaib al-Thaor , Jana al-Elbawei, al-Azib Valley, Dekaileh Shamaliyeh, and Dekaileh Janoubiyeh in the eastern countryside of Hama.

Meanwhile, SANA reporter added  that an army unit, in cooperation with backup forces, targeted an ISIS terrorist group while moving in al-Satayhat axis in the western countryside of Salamyieh, destroying a vehicle and killing all the terrorists onboard, including terrorist Mosaab Abu Seif , leader of the so-called al-fateh battalion.

Homs, Raqqa 

The Syrian Army Air Force targeted gatherings and positions of ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Homs and the southern countryside of Raqqa, inflicting heavy losses upon them in the personnel and equipment.

A military source told SANA that the Syrian Air Force carried out intensive airstrikes in the eastern countryside of al-Badiya in Homs,
targeting fortifications and supply routes of ISIS terrorists in the surroundings of Hmeima and al-Sikhnieh 70 km to the east of Palmyra and in the village of Mushairfet Qibliyia.

The source added that the Air Force targeted gatherings and fortifications of ISIS in the village of al-Rabia in the southern countryside of Raqqa.

A number of the ISIS machinegun-equipped vehicles, fortifications and positions were destroyed in the airstrikes, and a number of terrorists were killed.

Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Air Force carried out raids against ISIS gatherings and fortifications in Wadi al-Tharda, the area surrounding the graveyards and the neighborhoods of al-Ardi, al-Rashdia and al-Hamidia, killing a number of terrorists, injuring others and destroying a number of their sites and fortifications.

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