A French medical delegation conducts free surgeries for heart diseases

Tartous, SANA- A French medical delegation from the University of Toulouse visited Tartous city on Tuesday to perform surgeries for children heart diseases and a number of critical situations free of charge, in coordination with French –Syrian Children Association and al-Basel hospital.

The doctors affirmed that the visit aims at providing humanitarian medical assistance, targeting children with heart deformation diseases, and consolidating relations between the French and Syrian people in addition to supporting the medical Syrian sector during the crisis.

Founder of the Association Dr, Fawzi Fallouh said that the delegation visit will last for a week, during which the surgeries will be performed for children with congenital heart deformations, noting that the city of Tartous was chosen due to the large number of citizens which came from the other provinces.

For his part, Director of al-Basel hospital in Tartous Mohammad Hussein said that the delegation has inspected the children and selected the most critical cases to conduct the appropriate operations in cooperation with the medical staff in the hospital.

The French Syrian Children Association was established in 2012. It has distributed medical and food aid in an attempt to break the unjust economic siege imposed on the Syrian people.


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