Syrian Embassy in Romania participates in photo exhibition depicting war on Syria in Bucharest

Bucharest, SANA – The Syrian Embassy in Romania participated in a photo exhibition inaugurated at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Bucharest under the title “Syria, a Photo Chronicle of the War”.

Head of the Russian Cultural Center in Bucharest said that the exhibition, organized by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) and Sputnik, aims at giving the Romanian people  insights on the terrorist crimes committed against the civilians and army personnel in Syria, calling for unifying efforts of all parties concerned to eradicate and root up terrorism.

Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Russia to Romania said that the exhibition shed light on the reality of events in Syria, adding that the European states give distorted, non-objective and biased image about what is taking place on the ground in the country which makes this exhibition an important event to reveal the truth.

He stated that the main task of the Russian air forces in Syria is to help the country preserve its sovereignty, safety and territorial integrity, noting that the priorities include eradicating terrorism, launching comprehensive talks and activating the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

For his part, the Syrian Ambassador in Bucharest Walid Othman referred to the unjust war waged on Syria with western, regional and Arab countries providing all kinds of logistic, military and financial support to the terrorist organizations in order to kill the Syrian people, destroy the infrastructure and public institutions, spread chaos and destabilize the country.

He stressed Syria’s ability to achieve victory and defeat terrorism thanks to the steadfastness of its people, the noble sacrifices of its army, the wisdom of its leadership and the support of its allies in Iran, Russia, the backup forces and all free people of the world.

The exhibition lasts till the 3rd of May.

R.Raslan, Mazen



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