Putin: US violated international law by launching an aggression on a sovereign state

Moscow, SANA- Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the US violated the international law by launching an airstrike on a Syrian military airfield without providing any evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Damascus government.

President Putin was quoted by TASS in an interview with the Mir 24 TV channel as saying “How did NATO allies reacted? They have all been nodding like bobbleheads, without analyzing the events,” wondering “Where is evidence of chemical weapons use by Syrian troops? There is none.”

Putin continued “Was there a breach of the international law? Yes, there was. This is an evident fact. Without an approval by the UN Security Council, an airstrike is carried out on a sovereign country. And, despite it being a clear violation of the international law, everyone agrees to it, accepts it and starts nodding (in approval) and expressing their support.”

Earlier, the Russian president compared the ongoing accusations about the use of chemical weapons in Syria with the 2003 events when US used chemical weapons in Iraq it as a pretext to unleash a military campaign in the country.

R.J /Ghossoun

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