Cabinet: Using all available resources to address shortfall of water in Damascus city and countryside

Damascus, SANA-The Cabinet discussed in its weekly session a number of urgent service issues, chief among them is the shortfall of water in Damascus city and countryside.

The Cabinet approved a plan to bring more water tankers from the provinces to increase the amount of water and distribute it for free in the neighborhoods in coordination with the governorates of Damascus and Damascus Countryside.

The Cabinet also approved using the available resources and backup wells to reduce the shortfall of water in the city of Damascus and its countryside after Ayn al-Feijeh Spring, Ayn Haroush and Barada Spring came out of service as a result of terrorist acts, also approving continued positive intervention by offering additional quantities of bottled water.

The Cabinet pointed out that the current water crisis is temporary, promising that it will be addressed soon.

The Cabinet approved during its session importing new transport buses for the city of Damascus and the provinces, in addition to providing facilitations for the private sector companies operating in the transport sector.

The Cabinet discussed the economic situation in Aleppo city and requested that all ministries provide services according to a clear future plan.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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