Foreign Ministry: Qatar’s statements on its constant support to terrorists prove it to be a reservoir of extremism and terrorism

Damascus, SANA – The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Monday stressed that the statements of Qatar in which it confirmed it will continue supplying terrorists with weapons are nothing but an attempt at raising the morale of the terrorist groups which are faltering due to the defeats they suffer at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

In a statement to SANA commenting on the statements of Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that once again, the henchmen of the Qatari sheikhdom are revealing their organic relationship with the armed terrorist groups in Syria through providing all sorts of military, financial, and political support to these groups, which proves that the Qatari regime is a reservoir of extremism, terrorism, and Takfiri mentality.

The source added that the Qatari regime did not have to confirm what is already well-known for everyone about its relationship with the Takfiri terrorism, as its plentiful mediations with the terrorists to release kidnapped people or hostages made Qatar a main contact channel with terrorist groups.

It added that talk about the continuation of supplying terrorists in Syria with weapons despite the signs of change in international attitudes regarding terrorism in Syria is nothing but an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups which are suffering consecutive defeats at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

The source stressed that the end of terrorism in Syria is near, and the international community must shoulder its responsibility to take disciplinary actions against the states which sponsor terrorism, as this sponsorship threatens international security and peace, adding that the supporters of terrorism will pay the price for their disruptive policies sooner rather than later because terrorism is bound to backfire on its supporters.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun / Hazem Sabbagh

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