Russian Defense Ministry: 22 sorties on 27 sites for terrorists in Homs, Hama, Raqqa and Lattakia countryside

Moscow, SANA-Russian Defense Ministry announced on Thursday that the Russian air force in Syria carried out 22 sorties during which it struck 27 sites for the terrorist organizations in Homs, Hama, Raqqa and Lattakia northern countryside.

“The Russian warplanes have completely destroyed 8 sites for the terrorist organizations in Homs,” Spokesperson of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konachenkov said in a statement aired by Russia Today website.

He added the Russian warplanes struck 11 regions where the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) holds training camps in Hama and Raqqa.

“The accurate shelling with bombs that penetrate reinforced concrete led to the destruction of dens of terrorists in Salma and Arafeet regions to the north-east of Lattakia,” Konachenkov said.

He described allegations of some foreign defense ministries on the ineffectiveness of the Russian raids as “baseless.”

General Konachenkov wondered “what was the result of shelling ISIS sites, since more than a year by those who criticize the Russian airstrikes,” nothing, but the expansion of ISIS over the lands it had seized in Syria and Iraq, he added.

Mazen Eyon

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