People of Jobar: We want reconciliation but fear violent reprisal from terrorists

Damascus, SANA – People from Jobar neighborhood in Damascus countryside said that many of them want to embrace national reconciliation, but are afraid of violent reprisal from terrorist organizations.

Meeting the People Assembly’s National Reconciliation Committee on Wednesday, locals from Jobar said they fell victim to terrorism like all other people from areas where terrorists had run amok, and that they lost their properties and livelihoods and the peaceful lives they once led.

They called for focusing efforts to restore security and stability to Jobar, boosting trust between citizens and officials, settling the legal status of youths who decided to lay down their weapons, discussing the issue of missing people, and sending food aid.

In turn, head of the Committee Omar Osi pointed out to the success achieved by reconciliation efforts, most notable of which was the settling of the legal status of more than 700 people in Daraa, asserting that this will expand to cover more areas in Damascus Countryside and elsewhere.

Hazem Sabbagh

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