Syria demands release of al-Makt from Israeli jails

Damascus, SANA-Syria demanded the release of Sudki al-Makt, twice a prisoner in Israeli jails.

Al-Makt, who was arrested by Israel for the second time weeks ago, is subjected to “brutal treatment and harsh torture” by his jailers who are denying him his rights enshrined in international law and human rights, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry

Al-Makt had been a prisoner for the first time in Israeli jails for 27 years without legal or ethical grounds= before he was set free in August 2012.

The ministry, which instructed its permanent delegations in New York and Geneva to cooperate with the UN and rights groups to follow up on al- Makt’s detention conditions, said al-Makt’s family got wind of an Israeli decision to keep him under arbitrary detention.

The Israeli authorities have fabricated charges against al-Makt and are denying him the right to have lawyers, the ministry said citing information obtained by the family , indicating that Israel “appointed its own lawyers instead of appointing independent ones.”

The ministry said these practices reflect the Israeli violations “of the simplest rules of human rights” and seek to “cover the role of Israel which is allied with terrorist organizations in Syria.”

The tacit cooperation between Israel and the terror groups operating in Syria had been laid bare as Israeli hospitals continue to receive wounded terrorists. So far, 2000 injured terrorists had been reportedly admitted in Israeli hospitals.

The ministry urged the UN Secretary General to interfere with Israel to save the life of al-Makt and release him immediately, demanding that the International Red Cross and rights groups bring pressure to bear on Israel to set him free.

Manal Ismael

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