Slovak writer: US loots oil and grain from the lands it occupies in Syria

Bratislava and Prague, SANA-  Slovak writer, Milan Antal, has stressed that the US occupation of parts of Syrian territory and the presence of its illegal forces in them constitutes a flagrant violation of international law.

“The United States is plundering resources in Syria, and it is not only stealing oil, but also grain in cooperation with affiliated militias, which compels Syria to import wheat to meet the needs of its citizens, after it was able before the crisis to produce quantities of wheat and export some of it to other countries, including Europe.” Antal said in an article published today on the website of the Slovak Pravda newspaper.

In turn, the Czech Nitsenzirovana Pravda website affirmed that the US is practicing theft and looting in Syria through its illegal forces, noting that this is the custom of the Americans in any country they occupy, all or part of it.

The website criticized the Western silence regarding the American and Turkish occupation of Syrian lands, saying that the West ignores this matter and acts as if such occupation doesn’t exist, even though systematic looting of the underground resources and Syrian wheat is ongoing.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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