Citizens of occupied Syrian Golan: We stand against the plots of Israeli occupation and are committed to the Syrian Arab identity

Quneitra, SANA-Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed their rejection of the occupation’s plots to seize the lands of the Golan, affirming their adherence to every inch of the land of their ancestors and their Syrian Arab identity.

While confronting the Israeli occupation forces who tried to implement their expansion plan by setting up huge wind turbines at the factory site, locals of the Golan stressed their rejection of this scheme to which they will not accept or allow to be implemented, no matter how much sacrifices would be offered.

Earlier, the Israeli occupation forces closed a number of the main entrances of the villages in the occupied Syrian Golan and prevented the locals from reaching their agricultural lands on which the occupation authorities want to establish huge wind turbines.

A source in the occupied Syrian Golan, in a statement to SANA reporter, said that the locals in the occupied Syrian Golan are gathering on the roads leading to their agricultural lands on which the Israeli occupation authorities are planning to build huge wind turbines in the areas of Majdal Shams, Sheita and Baqaatha and Masada amid a heavy presence of the occupation forces, in addition to cutting off the main roads.

The source added that a state of anger prevails among the locals who spread in their lands to prevent the occupation from installing the turbines.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri/ Mazen Eyon

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