Upon directives of President al-Assad, allocating 2.370 billion SYP to areas affected by fires in Lattakia and Tartous

Damascus, SANA-upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, and following to his latest tour around the regions affected by fires, the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment has allocated an amount of 2.370 billion SYP to the tow provinces of Lattakia and Tartous.

“The President has instructed us to allocate an amount of 10 million SYP for each village affected by the fires to help the citizens ease the impacts of damages resulted by fires,” Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf told SANA.

He added that the Ministry has allocated 1.530 billion SYP for Lattakia which covers 153 villages and 840 million SYP for tartous which covers 84 villages.

Mazen Eyon

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