A pregnant in her 30th recovers from coronavirus in Damascus

Damascus, SANA-Great efforts are being exerted by medical staff at the isolation department in al-Mujtahid (Damascus) Hospital through dealing with different coronavirus cases and full readiness to confront the virus, providing treatment for infections until they recover. One of these cases is a pregnant in her 30th who has recovered after one-month treatment process.

Head of the chest diseases’ department at the Hospital, Hala Al-Rifa told SANA that the lady was admitted in the hospital with cough and respiratory symptoms and dyspnea (shortness of breath) and 40 degrees temperature, however, after medical tests, the woman was admitted at the isolation department and after taking swab samples, the result was positive.

Dr. Rifai added that medical consultations were held by Obstetrics’ doctor at al-Zahrawi Hospital , following her closely and daily to provide care and proper treatment that guarantees giving her medicines which don’t  affect the health of the fetus and presenting Oxygen and psychological support to her to overcome this stage , indicating that the treatment lasted for a month and she was released Yesterday from the hospital in a good health with her fetus.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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