Informed sources: Failure of terrorism-sponsoring countries in supporting their tools in Ghouta pushed them to use chemical weapons scenario

Damascus, SANA- Informed sources said Sunday that the attempt of the terrorist organizations in Eastern Ghouta to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using the chemical weapon came in the frame of completing the desperate attempts of some western countries at the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council to rescue the terrorists from their inevitable end at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

The sources added that the victories achieved by the army against terrorists in Ghouta made the terrorists and their sponsors repeat their common lies and fabricate allegations to stop the advance of the army and protect the terrorists, in addition to using those allegations as a pretext to launch aggression against Syria.

The Syrian Government has warned at the UN sessions against that campaign through which the terrorist organizations are preparing for this scenario; in addition to that a military source has warned, few days ago, that there is confirmed information that those terrorist organizations were ordered by their sponsors to use the chemical weapon in Ghouta to accuse the Syrian Army, the sources clarified.

The sources said that the failure of the terrorism-sponsoring states to ensure support to their tools in Ghouta pushed them to use the scenario of the chemical weapon which they have used several times before, but their allegations have been unveiled.

The sources pointed out that exploiting the civilians and children by the terrorist organizations and their supporters in fabricating the accusations has become clear, adding that the terrorists are the ones who took the civilians as hostages and human shields and prevented them to exit through the safe corridor.

The sources asserted that the Syrian State, which holds national reconciliations and establishes safe corridors for the civilians to exit the areas controlled by terrorists, is the one which cares for the civilians’ safety and protects them.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari stressed at the latest session of the UN Security Council that the Syrian Government was informed that the terrorists are preparing to use the chlorine gas on a wide-scale to accuse the Syrian Arab Army , adding that the attack will be carried out before March 13th.

H. Zain/R. Jazaeri


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