President al-Assad receives 34 released citizens from Barzeh: the issue of the abducted is a basic obsession for the state

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad and wife received on Thursday 34 abducted persons, among them two women, along with their families, who were detained by the armed terrorist groups in Barzeh before they were lately released.

President al-Assad and his wife congratulated the abducted on their liberation and the end of the hard dilemma they have passed through along with their families.

The President said that society lives a real  crisis because of the missing and abducted issue, adding that this matter is a basic obsession for us as a state, institutions and officials.

“No week or month could pass unless an exchange process would be done, whether on the level of one person or a group of the abducted… actually, it was not only the effort of the state behind that reason, but the sacrifices of the army and armed forces who fight for the sake of this country… all the country for the state and for sovereignty, for future, our children and for the kidnapped,” President al-Assad said.

The President added “Such dilemmas make the citizen more stronger; he or she becomes more patriotic who knows the value of his homeland, knows what it means homeland to be safe.”

President al-Assad added that in spite of all attempts by terrorist groups, who carry out acts of killing and abduction to change your convictions through the ugliest forms of torture, they have failed to affect your patriotism, and your steadfastness during the time of abduction was an excellent patriotic act.

“The battle didn’t come to an end yet, there are still thousands of Syrians who pass through your same dilemma, the joy will not be complete until all are liberated and security would be restored to the country,” the President said.

The released persons, for their part, affirmed they had strong belief that the state would liberate them, saying that they will return to their normal life to help restore security and stability to Syria.


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