Belgian delegation: European governments supported terrorists in Syria

Aleppo, SANA – Member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament Filip Dewinter said the European governments picked the wrong side in the war in Syria, having stood by and supported the Wahhabi terrorists instead of siding by the legitimate Syrian government.

The remarks of Dewinter, who is heading a Belgian parliamentary delegation on a visit to Syria, came during a meeting with Governor of Aleppo province Hussein Diyab.

Dewinter said that during his latest visit to Syria two years ago, he warned that the terrorism in Syria would backfire on its supporters and would strike Europe and the US, noting that this is what has actually happened.

He hoped that the victory against the terrorists in Aleppo will help open the European politician’s eyes to the facts and drive them to change their current approach towards the events in Syria.

Dewinter pointed out that the Belgian delegation’s visit to Aleppo aims at inspecting firsthand the situation on the ground away from the false picture promoted by some Western media outlets so that to convey the real image to the Belgian and European public opinion.

In the course of their visit to Aleppo, the Belgian parliamentarians met with a number of Islamic and Christian clergymen.

They stressed that Syria has always been the land of religions, noting that the policies of the Western and European governments have intentionally ignored the Suffering of the Syrian people under the Wahhabi terrorism that aims at destroying the diverse social fabric of the Syrian society.


The Belgian delegation also visited the University of Aleppo and listened from its chiefs to a review of how the university has stood its ground despite the terrorist attacks that targeted it and continued the education and research process throughout the years of the crisis.

H. Said

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