Cham Holding launched with a capital of SYP 60 billion

Damascus, SANA – The private closed joint-stock company-Cham Holding was launched on Saturday with a capital of SYP 60 billion.

The company will undertake the management, construction and investment works of the first regulatory region behind al-Razi Hospital in Mezzeh area.

The launching, which came at the first meeting of the company’s founding body, was announced by Damascus Governorate at the headquarters of the Project 66 Implementation Directorate.

In a statement to the reporters, Governor of Damascus Bishr al-Sabban said he has high hopes that the new company will prove efficient in the field of developing regulatory regions and integrated residential neighborhoods and provide best services to citizens
of different age categories.

Member of the Executive Office Faissal Surour said establishing the company is considered a “qualitative leap” in terms of regulating the ways by which local units can administer their properties and investments in an advanced and developed manner without bureaucracy.

H. Said

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