Humanitarian aid from Russia distributed among displaced people in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – A batch of humanitarian aid provided by Russia was distributed on Wednesday among people displaced by terrorists who are currently staying in Najha al-Balad town in Damascus Countryside.

Russian aid 2

Colonel Artyom Kazanov from the Russian coordination center in Hmeimim Airbase said that 4.5 tons of aid which included flour, biscuits, and canned food were distributed among displaced families in the town, noting that aid distribution is part of the tasks entrusted by the Russian leadership to the Russian forces in Syria.

In turn, member of the Clan Elders Council, sheikh Omar al-Uwaid, lauded the support of friendly countries like Russia and Iran to the Syrian people, noting that the people of Najha al-Balad are currently hosting 15,000 displaced people.

Hazem Sabbagh

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