Archbishop Hanna says those who conspired against Syria won’t stand up for Palestine

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA-Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia, Archbishop Atallah Hanna appealed to all free nations of the world to not lose sight of the Palestinian cause.

Hanna was speaking during a televised interview with al-Mayadeen Channel aired Monday.

He said that ceasefire initiatives to put an end to an Israeli aggression against Gaza have “miserably failed” because, he said, they “do not meet the aspirations of the Palestinian people” which he summed up as ending the aggression, lifting the blockade and opening border crossings.

He described the Gaza Strip as the “largest Israeli prison,” blasting the US double standards as it speaks of the Israelis’ “right to life” that they deny the  Palestinian people.

Commenting on the situation in Syria, which he saw as inseparable from the situation in Palestine and Iraq, Hanna said that when the crisis flared up, Arab states scrambled to dispatch weapons and terrorists to Syria instead of playing a role in resolving the crisis.

“Those who conspire against Syria and send arms to terrorists cannot be expected to stand up for Palestine,” archbishop Hanna pointed out.

Hanna decried the ill-named “Arab Spring” as nothing but a conspiracy designed to tear the Arab nation asunder, warning of unyielding Israeli attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

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