Israel’s barbaric onslaught against Gaza continues for 19th day, claiming over 848 lives

Gaza, SANA – Israel’s barbaric aggression on Gaza Strip reached its 19th day, with the Israeli air raids and artillery shelling claiming a total of 48 Palestinian lives on Friday, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli onslaught to over 848.

Palestine’s Maan news agency reported that 5 Palestinians were killed in an air raid and artillery shelling in Khan Younus in the south of Gaza Strip, while one Palestinian succumbed to wounds inflicted upon him by Israeli attack in Al-Shifa medical complex.

Earlier, one paramedic was killed and two were injured when the Israeli occupation forces targeted an ambulance in Beit Hanoun in the north of Gaza Strip.

Of the 848 victims of the Israeli aggression, 208 are children, 82 are women, and 40 are elderly people. So far, around 5600 Palestinians were injured, including 1561 children, 1012 women, and 203 elderly people, according to the Palestinian news agency Safa.

On a relevant note, the Palestinian resistance announced that 10 Israeli occupation soldiers were killed in Beit Hanoun in an ambush after luring an Israeli infantry unit consisting of 15 soldiers who were on foot then detonating a number of explosive devices and opening fire on them.

The resistance has announced that it eliminated a total of 59 Israeli soldiers since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Meanwhile five Palestinians were killed and 31 were injured when Israeli settlers and occupation forces opened fire on protests in the West Bank that came out after Friday prayers to denounce the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Safa reported that three Palestinians were killed during a protest in the town of Beit Amr near al-Khalil at the hands of settlers and occupation forces, while 16 were injured. The other two were killed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers during a similar protest in the town of Hamara in Nablos.

H. Sabbagh

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