Book of “Arab League and Syria… a null role and killing money” signed

Damascus, SANA- Ministry of Culture held on Monday a ceremony for signing the book “Arab League and Syria…  a null role and killing money”  written by Adnan Mansour, former Lebanese Foreign Minister at al- Assad National Library in the presence of Vice- President Najah al-Attar.


The book, which composes of 376 pages, sheds light on the crisis in Syria since its beginning, its track at the United Nations and the Arab League, the role of the regional countries and the Israeli occupation in the crisis, presenting reports on the missions of the Arab observers about the reality of events in Syria and the pressures practiced by Arab and international regimes on the Arab League to adopt resolutions against Syria.

Mansour said, at the signing ceremony, that the unilateral decisions of the Arab League led to the flow of money, mercenaries and terrorists into Syria to spread death and destruction in the country and create terrorism and extremism, expressing confidence Syria would restore its pioneering role in the region and raise the flags of victory.


In turn, Minister of Culture Issam Khalil said in a statement to SANA that Mr. Mansour had a considerable experience in the political affairs at the Arab League which was not an Arab in its role, but it was a tool of aggression on Libya, then on Syria.

For his part, Ali Abdul- Kareem, the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon said that the book provides documentation on the negative role played by the Arab League against Syria.

A number of Syrian ministers, writers and researchers attended the ceremony.

Qabas/ Mazen

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