Parliament vehemently condemns Israel’s ‘war of annihilation’ against Gaza

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly expressed on Saturday a vehement condemnation of Israel’s brutal aggression it has unleashed against the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip over the past days.

The Assembly dismissed in a statement on Saturday the aggression as “a war of annihilation” that demands international prosecution for the Israeli enemy’s authorities and all their supporters.

The Assembly reminded that the aggression comes in tandem with a terrorist war against Syria orchestrated by the same countries that throw their support behind the Israeli occupation in its declared war against the Palestinians which, it added, forms a “ring of the scheme that seeks to break up the region and weaken its nations.”

The Assembly saw it familiar that “Israeli occupation authorities manipulate the situation in the Middle East to liquidate the Palestinian cause in coordination with the US administration and some Arab regimes.”

The aggression wound not have come to pass without a Western collusion and international cover, besides a suspicious silence of international organizations that went as far as blaming the Palestinians for being slaughtered, in a clear indication of tacit complicity in the aggression, added the Assembly.

Blasting the stances of countries which have always aligned themselves with Israel’s state terrorism, the Assembly condemned by contrast the Arab and international silence over the aggression and Israeli crimes against the Arab peoples.

As it vowed Syria’s permanent support for the Palestinian people in their just cause at all costs, the statement called for lobbying efforts and enlisting all potential to counter the Israeli aggression.

The Assembly concluded its statement by calling on all free nations to uphold the struggle of the Palestinian people for retrieving their legitimate rights.

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