Army establishes control over areas in Aleppo, continues targeting terrorists across the country

Provinces, SANA- The Syrian army and armed forces carried out Thursday duty of combating terrorism in different provinces, killing terrorist organizations’ members, destroying their hideouts and foiling their plots and schemes and establishing control over more areas.


Units of the army and armed forces, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, establish control over al-Eis hill in the south western countryside of Aleppo.

Earlier, Army units, aided by the popular defense groups, established full control over al-Hader city in the southern countryside of Aleppo province and a number of villages and farms in the southwestern countryside, a military source announced on Thursday.

The new areas that came in the army’s hands are Tallet al-Arbaeen, Khirbet al-Mazare, Khirbet Nizha and Khirbet al-Mshaweh, according to the source.

The terrorists in those areas suffered heavy losses during the army units’ operations, which were backed by the air force, the source told SANA.

The army’s air force destroyed a convoy of armored vehicles and vehicles equipped with machineguns for terrorists on al-Barqoum-al-Eiss road in the southwestern countryside.

Army units also reestablished control over Arbeid and Arbeid Saghir in the eastren countryside of Aleppo

Meanwhile, the army units destroyed gatherings and vehicles for terrorists in the villages of Binyamin and Khan Touman in the southern and western countryside of Aleppo province.

In the eastern countryside, army units targeted ISIS terrorists’ positions and movements in the villages of Jib al-Safa, Ain al-Jamajma, wadiaa, Um Arkila, al-Madyouneh, Tal Abu Danneh and al-Bab city.

Three vehicles for ISIS terrorists were destroyed in Deir Hafer town.

In Aleppo city, army units destroyed hideouts for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the neighborhoods of al-Salehin, Saif al-Dawleh and al-Rashedin.


An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group which tried to infiltrate into the surrounding of a military post in the village of Dael, 40km north of Daraa city, killing a number of its members, while the rest fled away.

A military source told SANA Thursday that another army unit destroyed Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations’ gatherings and fortresses in Tal al-Sheikh Hussein in the eastern countryside of the southern province of Daraa.

In Daraa al-Balad area, an army unit destroyed two terrorists’ hideouts, southeast Bilal al-Habashi Mosque and near al-Awqaf vicinity and eliminated two terrorist groups’ gathering at the surroundings of the electricity company and the agricultural bank.


Field sources told SANA that five terrorists were killed during an operation of an army unit against a gathering of the so-called Jund al-Aqsa in al-Latamneh town in Hama central province.

The sources pointed out that an army unit carried out strikes against dens of terrorist organizations affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in kafar Zita town in Hama, in addition to destroying two vehicles, leaving all the terrorists inside dead.

Two terrorists were also killed and two others were injured in an explosive while they were planting it on Lahaya roundabout in the province.

Later, a military source said that the army’s air force launched during the last 24 hours sorties against terrorists’ hideouts in Kafr Zita, al-Latamneh, Morek and Atshan in the northern countryside of Hama, where many terrorists were killed and several of their vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes.


In bordering Idleb Province, an army unit targeted an armed terrorist group of 6 terrorists at the surroundings of Maarat al-Nua’man , killing and injuring all its members.

Meanwhile, the terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media websites that they received heavy losses in personnel and equipment as a number of their members were  killed in Saraqb area.


The army’s air force destroyed ISIS hideouts and fortified positions in Mhein, al-Qaryatain and Khneifis in the countryside of the central province.

Deir Ezzor

The army’s air force destroyed positions and vehicles for ISIS terrorists to the east of al-Jafra village in the countryside of the eastern Deir Ezzor province.


An army unit targeted against a gathering of ISIS terrorists in Tal Asheihib area in the northeastern countryside of the southern Sweida province.

Two heavy mortars, a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun and various types of weapons and ammunition were destroyed in the operation, a military source said.


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