CBS holds session to discuss exchange rate developments

Damascus, SANA – The Central Bank of Syria (CBS) held on Tuesday a session to discuss the latest developments regarding the Syrian pound exchange rate.

CBS Governor Adib Mayaleh asserted that the Bank’s recent interference which came in parallel with the Syrian army advance in many areas and the governmental efforts related to the continuing supplies to improve the life standard of level in Aleppo city have contributed immediately and significantly to improving the exchange rate with a decrease of more than 20 Syrian pounds per 1 USD during three days.

Mayaleh pointed out that the CBS will continue its interference in the Foreign exchange market weekly, denying the rumors on the stop of this process at the end of the current week and the CBS’s willing to raise the exchange rate adopted for interference.

He confirmed that the CBS will carry on selling the foreign exchange to the money- exchange companies to finance the citizens’ needs and the economic activities without limits or conditions and with a price of 355 Syrian pound against the I USD.


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