“Syrian women” gathering launched to maintain cohesion and unity in Syrian society

Damascus, SANA-A group of women launched on Saturday a gathering dubbed “Syrian women” that aims at enhancing the role of woman in maintaining society’s cohesion and unity in addition to rebuilding and developing it.

The first founding meeting for the gathering, which was held at Qasr al-Qaisar hotel in Damascus, came under the title of “Syrian woman in light of the crisis”.

Ruba Mirza, one of the founders of “Syria Civil Society” asserted the importance of launching such gathering for the Syrian women to form a real kernel able to uplift the woman’s situation to be more capable of doing her complete role in rebuilding Syria physically and spiritually.

For her part, Social Affairs Minister, Rima al-Qaderi pointed out that the Syrian woman is endowed with scientific and practical efficiency as it has proved during the crisis her ability and effectiveness in society.

The participants highlighted the importance of focusing on creating the appropriate conditions to enable the Syrian woman and enhance her role in the educational, economic, social, political and legal aspects to have the ability of doing her role and responsibilities towards society.


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