Mass demonstration in Ankara shoulders Erdogan responsibility of Ankara bombings

Ankara, SANA- Thousands of Turks took to street in demonstration against the policies of Erdogan’s regime that is supporting terrorism in Turkey and the region, holding him responsible for the twin terrorist bombing rocked Ankara on Saturday.
The protesters gathered on Sunday in Sihhiye Square downtown Ankara close to the blast scene, chanting slogans against Justice and Development Government and against Erdogan as well.
97 opponents of Erdogan were killed and 246 were wounded on Saturday by a twin terrorist bombing targeting opposition leftist unions rallies that went out to call for peace and show rejection of Erdongan’s policies.
The opposition parties shouldered Erdogan and his regime the direct responsibility for the bombing and accused them of exploiting terrorism and seeking to push the country to the quagmire of chaos and terrorism with the aim of keeping his party in rule.
On Saturday, Head of People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Salah Damertash said in the wake of the terrorist bombing that “The powers behind the twin bombings are known and we are now in front of a concept of a state that has transformed into Mafia led by a slaughterer that commits serial murders.”

R. Milhem/ Barry

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