Terrorists’ positions and vehicles targeted in army operations

Provinces, SANA – The army continued targeting terrorists’ hideouts and positions on Friday, destroying their vehicles and equipment and leaving many of them dead or injured.


Army units targeted gatherings of terrorists and their hideouts in separate areas in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in the southern city of Daraa, a military source said on Friday.

Many Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed and their weapons were destroyed in the operations, according to the source.

Other army units also destroyed several vehicles for terrorists in Tal al-Harra in the northwestern countryside of Daraa near the border with the occupied Syrian Golan.


Many terrorists were killed and others were injured as the army targeted their hideouts and movements in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy in eastern Aleppo province.

More terrorists’ hideouts were targeted near al-Sfeira in the eastern countryside, while others’ positions were targeted in the neighborhoods of al-Ramouseh, Bani Zaid, al-Rashidin, al-Sakhour and Salah Eddin and in the surroundings of factories in al-Lairamoun in Aleppo city.


The army’s air force destroyed terrorists’ hideouts, rocket launchers and vehicles equipped with machineguns in the vicinity of Bradoun Dam and in Kinasbba and al-Mreij in the northern countryside of Lattakia province.

17 terrorists were killed in the process, many of them of non-Syrian nationalities.


Army units carried out a series of precise operations targeting concentrations of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups affiliated to it in the surroundings of Jabourin, Oum Sharshouh, and Deir Fuul in Homs countryside, a military source told SANA.

The source said that the operations resulted in destroying a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun and a mortar launcher, in addition to killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

Another army unit carried out concentrated strikes on terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in al-Ameriye village around 24km northeast of Homs city, leaving a number of terrorists dead and destroying their weapons and munitions.

In the province’s eastern countryside, army operations resulted in eliminating a number of terrorists from ISIS and destroying an armored vehicle and military equipment in the surroundings of Jazal oil field and al-Qaryatain city.

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