Iraq’s Deputy PM for Energy urges halt to arms supplies to terrorists

Baghdad, SANA-Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussein Al-Shahrestani urged the countries which support terrorist gangs in Syria to refrain from supplying terrorists with advanced weapons as they are winding up in the hands of ISIS militants.

His comments came following his meeting on Monday with the French Foreign Ministry’s Director for North Africa and Middle East Affairs Jean-François Girault.

Al-Shahrestani’s bureau issued a statement following the meeting, hailing the courage of the Iraqi military in recapturing several areas from terrorists affiliated to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS” who overran large swaths of territory across Iraq.

The danger that ISIS poses is a threat to the entire region, not only Iraq, he affirmed.

Iraq had urged the international community to enforce a UN-adopted counter-terrorism strategy to roll back the advance of ISIS terrorists in Iraq.

M. Ismael

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