Aleppo Governor: life runs as usual in the city

Aleppo, SANA-Aleppo Governor Mohammad Marwan al-Olabi refuted as “baseless and untrue” what some hostile media outlets reported about the entering of Takfiri terrorists into the neighborhoods of al-Rashideen, west of Aleppo, al-Khaldeya and al-Nile street, saying “the army still confronts their failed attempts.”

“All reports circulated on those media outlets are lies and misleading, aiming at affecting the moral of Aleppo locals,” the Governor told SANA reporter, affirming that Aleppo citizens are steadfast and life runs as usual in the city’s markets.

The Syrian TV has broadcast live, direct scenes from al-Khaldeya neighborhood in Aleppo where terrorist organizations have claimed entering and establishing control on it.

Earlier Wednesday, A source in Aleppo province refuted the claims promoted by malicious media outlets about terrorists establishing control over al-Rashideen neighborhood in the western outskirts of Aleppo city.

The source told SANA that army units clashed with terrorists, most of them from Jabhet al- Nusra, at the outskirts of the neighborhood,inflicting heavy losses on them in personnel and

The source added that army units prevented terrorists from sneaking from al-Mansoura village, which is located around 10 km west of Aleppo city, to the Science Research complex, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

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