Al-Zoubi: Syria’s steadfastness against terrorism is an achievement

Damascus, SANA- Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that the Turkish president is acting like Turkey is his own property, which carries big risks for the Turkish people and the region.

During an interview with Fuat Ates, director of the Turkish-speaking German Yol TV channel, al-Zoubi affirmed that Syrian Arab Army and popular defense groups continue to combat terrorism which they have been battling for over five years.

“Steadfastness per se is an achievement, not only progress,” he said.

Commenting on a video released by the Turkish newspaper Gmehoriet, which showed the moment arms-laden trucks Syria were stopped while they were headed for Syria, al-Zoubi said the incident is not unique as the Syrian government has plenty of evidence that incriminates Erdogan for supporting terrorists with weapons and facilitating their entry into Syria.
“A lot of those who were arrested admitted just this to the Syrian government,” al-Zoubi said.

He added that Syria has submitted plenty of evidence that exposes Erdogan’s support for terrorist organizations to the UN Security Council but, he said, “Western countries are so far disinclined to condemn Turkey.”

Al-Zoubi differentiated between the Turkish government’s policies towards Syria and the stances of the Turkish people with whom the Syrian people share “deep social and historical relations.”

The minister said that Ishtabrak massacre that was condemned by the Turkish people is not the first that was committed in Jisr al-Shughour in which Erdogan and his governments are involved.

Al-Zoubi dismissed claims that the Syrian army has lost ground to advancing terror organizations, but, he said, what happened is that some army units have exited specific areas for humanitarian and military reasons.

Asked about the political solution to the crisis in Syria, the minister said that Syrian leadership and government have been, since day one, supportive of reconciliation and national dialogue which terrorists did not like.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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