People’s Assembly committee members meet Armenian-Syrian Friendship Association delegation

Damascus, SANA- Members of the National Reconciliation, Arab and Foreign Affairs, and Public Liberties and Human Rights Committees at the People’s Assembly on Tuesday met a delegation from the Armenian-Syrian Friendship Association

The delegation, which is headed by President of the Association Tachat Vardapetyan and which includes members of the Armenian Parliament in addition to Association members, arrived began a three-day visit to Syria.

Armenian delegation 2

During the meeting, head of the National Reconciliation Committee Omar Osi said that the delegation’s visit will help cement the fraternal relations between the two countries, asserting that Syrians are proud of the Armenian Syrians who constitute an integral part of the country’s social fabric.

In turn, head of the Public Liberties and Human Rights Committee Badi’e Saqour said that those who shed Armenian blood in the past and those who are shedding Syrian blood today are one and the same, and that Syria and Armenia stand together in facing the enemies of liberty and humanity.

For his part, Vardapetyan said that Syria is a second home for every Armenian, expressing thanks for the Syrians who treated Armenians with love and who denounced the massacre committed by Ottomans against Armenians a hundred years ago, saying that Syrians were the first people to come to the Armenians’ aid and support them in the face of the terrorism that targeted them.

Members of the delegation asserted that Armenia is prepared to play an active role in relaying the facts about what is happening in Syria and supporting the Syrian people in international circles, noting the negative role played by Turkey in the crisis in Syria.

Armenian delegation 3

Earlier, upon his arrival at Jdaidet Yabous border crossing point with Lebanon, Vardapetyan expressed stern condemnation of the terrorism targeting Syria, hoping that Syria will overcome this terrorism in the near future and that peace will prevail across the country.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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