Syrian People of Golan celebrate Independence Day

Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan celebrated the Independence Day at the occupied city of Majdal Shams with the participation of popular delegations from villages of Baqa’ata, Masada and Ein Qiniyye in Golan and a delegation from the occupied Palestine.


The participants raised the Syrian flag and placards hailing the Independence day and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad. They also chanted slogans in support of the Syrian Arab army in its war against terrorism.

Hailing Syria’s resilience against the barbaric terrorist aggression on it, the people in the Syrian occupied Golan expressed commitment to
their homeland.


In a relevant context, Captives in the Israeli prisons in the Occupied Syrian Golan said they are confident the Syrian people and army will defeat terrorism and continue struggling until liberating the occupied territories.Golan1

“We are confident that victory will be the title and ally of Syria and its people,” the captives said in statement on Independence Day.
They saluted the Syrian people and army for their support and their resistance to protect the homeland against plots.

The Syrian captives asserted that the Syrian Arab Army and people reject terrorism with all its forms and all kinds of hegemony under any slogan or label.

Reem/H.Zain/ Mazen

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