Foreign Ministry holds farewell reception for Sudanese Ambassador

Damascus, SANA. The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Tuesday organized a farewell reception for Sudanese Ambassador in Damascus Abdelbaset Badawi al-Sanousi on the occasion of the end of his mission.

During the reception which was held at al-Cham Hotel, Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Hamed Hassan delivered a speech in which he voiced appreciation for al-Sanousi’s efforts and commitment to bolstering relations between the two countries over the past three years.

In turn, al-Sanousi lauded Syria’s pan-Arab positions and its support for Sudan and issues related to its fate and unity, voicing hope that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger than it ever was.

On this occasion, Hassan presented al-Sanousi with the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry emblem.

H. Sabbagh

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