Idleb postpones Anti-Polio vaccination campaign to march 26th due to terrorist attacks


Idleb, SANA Idleb province postponed the new national Anti-polio vaccination campaign, started Sunday in all provinces, to march 26th due to the terrorist mortar and rocket attacks on the residential neighborhoods in the city.

Dr. Obeida Qateih, director of Idleb health department told SANA postponing the campaign aims at delivering vaccines for about 200,000 children distributed in the city and its countryside.

The department has taken all necessary procedures to make the campaign a success, including medical cadres, centers, health points and mobile cars, he said.

On Sunday, Ministry of Health launched a new Anti- polio vaccination campaign, for the children under five, in all provinces. The ministry has distributed three million doses of the vaccine.

The campaign, which lasts for five days, will cover all cities and health and makeshift centers, while about 9413 health workers and 865 vehicles accompanying the mobile teams are engaged in the

H. Zain/ Barry

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