Joint Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian Judicial Committee holds its meeting in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- With the aim of coordinating to combat terrorism and exchanging views on the files and issues related to it, and the terrorist organizations that practice their activities in the three countries, the work of the Joint Judicial Committee of Syrian, Iraq,  and Iran  began on Wednesday, in the Ministry of Justice building in Damascus.

The committee meeting also aims to reach an agreement through which the necessary measures will be taken to uncover terrorist crimes, prosecute the accused, conduct full investigations, conduct a judicial trial, and sentencing according to the crimes committed, in addition to  implementing the punishment for those rulings, according to the President of the Court of Cassation in the Ministry, Head of the Syrian side in the committee, Judge Hassan Shash.

In a statement to SANA, Judge Shash said that judicial cooperation was discussed between the three countries through the continuous exchange of information, experiences, documentation of crimes, and the study of taking all measures to ensure the elimination and confrontation of terrorism, whether by preventing its crimes before they occur or by prosecuting their perpetrators and bringing them to justice, and defending the rights of victims before national and international courts along with demanding compensation for the losses caused by terrorists as a result of their crimes in the three countries.

They also discussed, according to Judge Shash, ways to enhance legal cooperation and coordination by devoting a set of legal mechanisms to thwart the American plan within the framework of regional and global organizations, especially what the American hegemonic regime and its allies are doing, which failed in their terrorist war and did not achieve their goals, so they will intend to undermine the steadfastness of the peoples of the three countries and their legitimate rights.

Prior to the tripartite committee meeting, the Minister of Justice, Judge Ahmed al-Sayed, discussed during his meeting with the committee ways to deepen and consolidate work and cooperation between the three countries regarding combating terrorism.

In a press statement following the meeting, al-Sayed asserted support for the committee’s two-day work schedule.

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