Palestinian Health Ministry: Health situation in Gaza is disastrous in light of ongoing Israeli aggression

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Palestinian Health Ministry said that the health situation in Gaza strip is painful and catastrophic in light of the continuing aggression of Israeli occupation against it in addition to the major hospitals being out of service and the rest ones are unqualified to receive huge numbers of the wounded, moreover the medical and clinical capabilities are limited.

The Israeli occupation wags a fierce campaign of aggression inside Gaza Strip, and bombs several areas, that led to a large number of casualties, and these can’t bear by strip’s hospitals which are already exhausted by the siege and by the Israeli aggression, the Ministry said in a press conference.

The Ministry added that the medical teams in Gaza Strip are dealing with large numbers of martyrs and wounded who are lying on the ground in emergency departments and in front of operating rooms as a result of the continued occupation massacres.

Earlier, the Ministry announced that the number of victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip since this morning had risen to more than 61 martyrs and dozens of wounded.

Fedaa al-Rohayiah / Mazen Eyon

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