Tunisians call for restoring relations with Syria


Tunis, SANA Tunisian political parties and civil organizations and institutions called on Tunisian President al-Baji Qaed al-Sibsi to work for resuming diplomatic relations with Syria.

The decision to sever ties with Syria didn’t serve the interests of Tunisia , but it threatens its national security and serves foreign agendas, the parties and organizations said in a statement SANA has received a copy, reiterating that resuming ties with Syria has become a popular demand and a pressing need.

The statement called for adopting a program on reintegrating Syria in the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and to coordinate with Syria to curb the imminent terrorist risks threatening Tunisia.

In a relevant context, Tunisia security units at Kairouan city arrested on Saturday a Tunisian youth who has close ties with an armed terrorist group which works on recruiting terrorists and sending them to join other armed terrorist organizations in Syria.

Media reports said that about 3000 Tunisians are working along with armed terrorist organizations in Syria, asserting that some 500 terrorists returned to Tunisia according to the Tunisian Interior Ministry.

H. Zain/ Barry

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