Sabbagh to Kuznetsova : Upgrading Syrian-Russian parliamentary relations is important

Damascus, SANA – People’s Assembly Speaker Hamouda Sabbagh met Tuesday with a Russian parliamentary delegation, headed by Anna Kuznetsova. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Sabbagh stressed the importance of developing Syrian-Russian parliamentary ties, pointing to the Assembly’s readiness to strengthen cooperation with the State Duma in a way that achieves the common interest of both friendly countries.

Speaker Sabbagh praised the humanitarian position of the Russian Federation towards the catastrophe of the devastating earthquake that struck Syria recently, and the Russian relief aid provided to those affected, appreciating the great and important role of the State Duma in strengthening joint parliamentary cooperation through its various committees

Kuznetsova stressed the importance of giving greater impetus to these relations, whether in terms of exchanging experiences or mutual visits, and continuing joint cooperation between the two sides through the concerned committees.

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