Syrian-Russian talks on enhancing scientific cooperation

Moscow, SANA- Syrian Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, discussed with the Reactor of the Financial University of Russia Stanislav Prokofiev ways to enhance scientific and educational cooperation between Syria and the university.

Prokofiev affirmed Russia’s support for Syria in facing the unjust Western sanctions and confronting the external aggression it is exposed to.

Prokofiev offered condolences over the earthquake victims in Syria, referring to the university contributation to providing aid and donations to the Syrian people

He expressed the university readiness to increase the number of Syrian students and exchange students, teachers between the university and the Syrian universities.

He noted that the university will introduce the Arabic language as a teaching language next year.

In turn, Al-Jaafari appreciated the Russian solidarity with Syria and the university’s interest in the Syrian students who studying there, stressing the Syrian side’s interest in establishing the widest scientific and educational cooperation relations with the university.

Al-Jaafari affirmed that Syria, leadership, government and people stand by Russia in confronting the Western collective war waged by the US.

Shaza Qriema

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