President al-Assad appreciates support from Iraq and UAE in the face of the earthquake catastrophe

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad received President of the Arab Parliamentary Union, Speaker of the Council of Representatives of Iraq, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, and highlighted the brotherly relations between Syria and Iraq.

President al-Assad said that the geographical and popular factors between the two countries make the two peoples experience similar challenges and share common interests.

The president stressed the importance of the role of the parliaments of the two countries in supporting official action to enhance bilateral cooperation in areas that benefit the two peoples and their objectives and interests.

President al-Assad expressed his appreciation for the visit of the Arab Parliamentary Union to Syria and considered that it reflects the pulse and originality of the Arab masses.

Al-Halbousi, for his part, affirmed that the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union will spare no effort to restore Syria’s influential and active role in the Arab arena.

President Al-Assad also received President of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates, Saqr Ghobash, and the members of the parliamentary delegation that participated in the conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The members and the head of the Emirati delegation stated that their visit to Syria is to convey the Emirati people’s love for Syria and express their solidarity with the Syrian people who suffered from the devastating earthquake, war and blockade.

President al-Assad highlighted the stance of the United Arab Emirates and its great support for the Syrian people during this ordeal by sending rescue teams and various types of aid and equipment necessary for rescue and relief.

Kinda ALMahmoud /MHD Ibrahim

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