Local initiatives and international aid…

Local initiatives and international aid..

International aid:

A Russian aid plane arrives at Lattakia Airport, carrying 37 tons of foodstuffs for affected by earthquake.

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Pakistani aid plane, carrying 4 tons of medicines and foodstuffs for quake-affected people, arrives at Damascus International airport.

SANA reporter: A Lebanese humanitarian aid convoy, organized by Lebanese Hezbollah party for the quake-affected, arrived at Aleppo province, consists of 29 trucks with 600 tons of medical and foodstuff.

SANA reporter: An Emirati plane carrying relief supplies for those affected by the earthquake arrives at Damascus International Airport.
The Emirati aid plane is carrying 68 tons of foodstuffs, tents and blankets.

SANA reporter: An Emirati plane, loaded with 25.5 tons of foodstuff for quake-affected people, arrives at Lattakia International Airport.

Local initiatives:

Citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan donate $111,500 to support the affected by the earthquake.

The entry of 3 relief trucks and medical and humanitarian aid to the earthquake-affected people in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo, under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

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