Health Minister: 21 countries in Eastern Mediterranean have prepared national nutrition strategy or action plan

Geneva, SANA-The work of the WHO Executive Board, at its 152nd session in Geneva, continues for the 6th day and will last till the 7th of February.

In the statement of the Syrian Arab Republic on behalf of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean on the occasion of a decade spent in UN action for nutrition, Health Minister, Dr. Hassan Al-Ghabbash, indicated that 21 countries in the region had prepared a national nutrition strategy or action plan since last December of 2022.

Al-Ghabbash clarified that in 2021, the Organization established a Regional Nutrient Database, which is considered a nutrient database that serves all countries in the region.

The World Health Assembly unanimously elected Syria in May 2021 during its 74th session as a member of the WHO Executive Board to represent the Eastern Mediterranean for three years.

MHD Ibrahim

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