Russian parliamentarians and researchers: Western media war against Syria is based on misleading and lies

Moscow, SANA-The Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, Anton Gorelkin
, condemned the media war waged by Western countries against Syria and the false accusations it makes without any evidence.

“The Western powers are planning aggressive actions against the independent sovereign Syrian state after making baseless accusations”, Gorelkin said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow Friday.

The Russian parliamentarian pointed out that the so-called White Helmets, which is funded and sponsored by the US and its followers, is the side that fabricated and staged plays using toxic chemicals with the aim of accusing the Syrian government, stressing the need to unify the efforts of Syria and Russia together to thwart these aggressive acts.

In a similar statement, the political scientist and member of the Kremlin’s Council for Interethnic Relations, Bogdan Bezpalko, said that the war of lies and misinformation is being waged against Syria and Russia together, noting that Syria was subjected to this war long before Russia was subjected to it.

Bezpalko referred to the repeated attempts by Western powers to block the Syrian state media, including the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), under flimsy pretexts that do not withstand any criticism.

“The international media are unfortunately under the control of Western countries, and they lack objectivity”, the Russian scientist added, indicating that those who dominate them are waging a media war against Syria and Russia, accusing them of committing fabricated crimes, with the aim of carrying out aggressive acts against the two countries.

Bezpalko referred to the aggressive acts of the US, including its continued occupation of parts of the Syrian lands and plundering its wealth, calling for work to convey this truth to all peoples of the world.

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