Hassia Industrial City, A pillar of the national economy in Syria

Homs, SANA-Despite all the conditions that Syria has gone through, from a criminal terrorist war to an unfair economic blockade, the roar of the machines of the industrial zone in Hassia has not stopped since its establishment in 2004, which has already made it one of the pillars of the national economy in Syria.

Hassia Industrial City is a very important economic development pole through its strategic location, as it is situated in central Syria, south of the city of Homs, and adjacent to the Homs-Damascus International Road.

The city includes many factories and provides a lot of facilities to investors and depends on simplifying procedures to move from a time exceeding a year to obtain licenses into one hour, as there is a principle in Hassia industrial city, which is “get your factory and start work within an hour.”

Among the most important facilities provided by the city to investors is to allow Arab and foreign investors according to the investment law to extract their profits on foreign capital after paying taxes on profits and allowing them to own property, and non-Syrian investors obtain work and residence permits for them and their families throughout the project implementation period.

The investor has the right also to obtain work and residence permits for non-Syrian workers who work in the project, in addition to granting full customs exemption for all production requirements and equipment according to the investment law, and the land is provided free of charge to meet 65 % of infrastructure costs, Paying 40 % of the infrastructure costs and the remaining 60% over five years.

Hassia City is witnessing remarkable growth with the joining of 21 new investors during the first quarter of this year, bringing the total number of investors to 954 ones since its inauguration in 2004 with a total capital of establishments exceeding SYP 169 billion and employing more than 25 thousand workers and technicians.

There are several investment projects which are considered great projects to contribute to the reconstruction process in Syria and support the local market and export in all fields, the most important is the Emaar plant for iron smelting, which provides other factories with (pellet) material in addition to the solar collector plant, which is currently operating at its extreme production capacity and the new sugar mill to cater to the local market.

Hassia industrial city achieved revenues that reached to nearly SYP 7.157 billion  , and the number of investors in the city increased to 954 after the entry of 40 new investors to the city and 13 public sides during the past year.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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