Ministry of Tourism, in an unprecedented step, announces discounts of up to 50% for accommodations

Damascus, SANA-In an unprecedented step, and with the approach of holiday season- the New Year and Christmas- the Syrian Ministry of Tourism launched an initiative to reduce prices up to 50% accommodations, so that it would be an opportunity for expatriates to visit their home country and see their relatives.

Earlier, Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, inaugurated the 5-star Golden Mezzeh Hotel, at an estimated cost of more than 36 billion Syrian pounds, on the Mezzeh Highway in Damascus, stressing in a statement to the media that the recovery of tourism represents an image of stability, the return of security and safety to Syria.

Syria has suffered from terrorism, blockade, and unilateral coercive sanctions, with devastating negative effects, a thing confirmed by UN Rapporteur, Elena Dohan in a report published by the United Nations, as she acknowledged that unilateral coercive measures affected all aspects of life and sectors in Syria.

It is true that terrorism has destroyed many of its regions, but the land of beauty which has gotten a charming nature, is still preserving its beauty.

Syria is considered as one of the richest countries of the world with its diverse of civilizations, archeological sites, as well as its nature ranging from its desert, to its mountains, plains, sea and rivers.

There is Damascus, which is considered as one of the oldest inhabited city in the world, and UNESCO had chosen it to be at the top of the World Heritage List, and it contains Islamic and historical buildings.

On the seashore, there is Lattakia , which was said to be the land of paradise and the bride of the Syrian coast, and it was famous for its many monuments and was known as the city of Ugarit, the city of comfort, mountains and seas.

Likely, Tartous city , that attracts tourists, which is visited by many residents of Syria and from abroad as well, includes waterfalls, and it has a charming rural nature.

It also contains the Phoenician temple, which dates back to the 12th century, and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Tartous includes many citadels, such as al-Mirqab citadel , north of Tartous, and it contains the oldest temple- which is the Temple of Fort Solomon.

Also, there are another important tourist places, Palmyra, which is located in Homs province , and it has beauty and heritage dating back to the most ancient times, like the Stone Age.

These are very little, as Syria is the cradle of civilization and the country of jasmine which includes many tourist places that are the focus of everyone’s attention.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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