Elders and notables of Syrian tribes in Hasaka renew rejection of the occupation and its separatist plan

Hasaka, SANA -The Council of Sheikhs and Notables of the Syrian Tribes and Clans in Hasaka, during a meeting in the city of Qamishli on Friday, renewed its rejection of the illegal presence of American and Turkish occupation on the Syrian lands in all its forms.

“The US presence in the region aims to control Syria’s resources and deprive the Syrians of them, and it is an illegitimate presence that aims to serve the interests of the Israeli enemy, strike civil peace, and to create discord among all sects. “the Council said in a statement.

It affirmed its rejection of any forum that is not held under the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic and does not aim to confront the American and Turkish occupiers by all means, including military confrontation through popular resistance.

The Council called for close ranks, and for more rallying around the heroic Syrian Arab Army to confront the aggressive plans of the American and Turkish occupiers aimed at achieving the goals and interests of global Zionism.


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