Schools in Tariq al-Sad in Daraa start receiving students again after security operation finished

Daraa, SANA- Daraa Education Directorate has announced the schools in Tariq al-Sad neighborhood in Daraa City have started receiving students again and that came after finishing the security operation and the elimination of Daesh “ISIS” terrorists’ remnants who had been fortified in the neighborhood.

Director of Daraa Education Directorate, Eng. Manhal al-Ammarin, stated in a statement to SANA that the directorate instructed the administrative and teaching cadres in the neighborhood’s schools to return to teaching after a 15-day hiatus due to the security operation in the neighborhood, stressing that the suspension of teaching came to preserve the lives of children and educational cadres.

Al-Ammarin added that the Directorate will work to compensate the students’ educational losses through intensive teaching programs during the holidays as well as free courses, pointing out that there are two schools in the neighborhood for basic education, which accommodate 800 students.

On Tuesday, a security source announced establishing control over Tariq al-Sad neighborhood in the southern side of Daraa city, after eliminating a number of ISIS terrorists who were fortified there.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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