Russian Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass-in brief

  •  Russian defense: Representatives of British Navy took part in the planning and implementation of a terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea on September 26 that blew up the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.
  • Russian Defense: Black Sea Fleet ships, targeted by terrorist attack, are ships that participate in Safe Transportation of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports based on Black Sea Grain Initiative
  • Russian Ministry of Defense: 16 drones, used by Kyiv regime to launch a terrorist attack on the ships of Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships at Sevastopol base, destroyed.
  • Russian Defense: Ukrainian terrorist attack on ships, implemented by Kyiv regime, scheduled by British specialists present in Nikolaev.
  • Russian air defense forces repel Ukrainian drone attacks in Sevastopol
  • Zaporozhye authorities: Ukrainian regime troops’ attempt of water landing thwarted
  • Donetsk and Kherson: Russian Forces repelled Kyiv Regime’s bombardment on our lands 

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